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We created the supply vending market and havebeen improving, enhancing and leading it ever since.There's no other company that has mastered thesupply vending process. From back-end supply chain management to systems integration functions, IVM has the most sophisticated and end-user understanding on the market today.

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The power inside

We call them "smart" vending solutions because they makethe process of replenishing stock seamless, further reducingadministrative work that can bog down your enterprise andslow productivity. The result? Enterprise stakeholders enjoy an automated supply that is less likely to result in lost productivity.

  • Inventory control lowers risk of out-of-stock situations
  • Intelligent order tracking maintains supply in the workplace
  • Automating the distribution of products eliminates employee down-time and frees up IT staff for more important things
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Designed to
fit your needs

Not every vending application is the same. No matter theindustry, we love turning big, crazy ideas into elegantlydesigned solutions that help people do what they love.Throw any challenge at us, and we will put the solution right at your team’s fingertips.


Multiple Applications

Just because we work with major technology companies doesn't mean we only speak Silicon Valley. We work with clientsacross many industries to satisfy various supply needs, from manufacturing to healthcare and everything in between. Our equipment comes in a variety of forms, including ‘smart’ vending machines and lockers. 



With IT peripherals vending, your work will never grind to a halt. Both employers and employees enjoy an automated supply that vends quickly and easily, helping to remove barriers while improving productivity and employee satisfaction.

  • Easy order tracking and intelligent reporting
  • Efficiently track inventory
  • Reduce administrative paperwork and associated bureaucracy
  • Increased employee productivity
  • A more frictionless environment for your employees

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EMS (Emergency Medical Services) supply vending puts time back on your side. Staff can access the items they need quickly and the machine itself takes care of tracking inventory so you can say goodbye to disorganized records (and potential audit threats).

  • Reduce administrative paperwork and associated bureaucracy
  • Manage supply costs and budgets
  • Quicker replenishment
  • Automatic documentation
  • Badge controlled


Efficiency and productivity are a given with MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Operations) supply vending. When employees have constant access to the tools and supplies they need to get the line back into production, the entire company benefits.

  • Quicker replenishment
  • Greater efficiency
  • Cost savings on expensive industry equipment
  • Easy tracking of expensive industry equipment
  • Eliminate risk of accidents that affect productivity

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Increase employee productivity, mitigate risk and maintain employee safety and compliance with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) vending. Once you can control and protect, you'll always be in the clear – and your bottom line will thank you for it.

  • Solutions ensure compliance
  • Eliminate risk of accident and keep employees safe

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We've got your back, and your supply

IVM offers a 100% worry-free warranty. We are gladto provide parts and service for repairs not caused by misuse or forces of nature for as long as the equipment is in place. For those clients who desire a more hands-on approach, we provide telephonic and video service support at no extra charge, as well as on-site trainingfor employees.

Please speak with an IVM global sales representativeor your IVM support team for specific details.

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