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Automated technologies that meet employee needs, guarantee employee satisfaction and improve the bottom line.

Track your expenses, use less supplies and save money while keeping your employees happy

Easy to Use

Three easy steps

Efficiency is the name of the game with IVM. Through our connected automated technologies, employees needs are easily met and inventory is easily tracked. Rest assured, smart solutions are in place for every aspect of your supply management.

Working Benefits of IVM


Attract and retain happy employees

Instant access to the tools you need to do your best work. Sound like a foreign concept? IVM's solutions enable work to get done, and done well, by streamlining and improving access to supplies. The result: employees feel more empowered to create, innovate and do what they love.

Benefits IVM Vending Solutions


Use less and save more

Your bottom line improves when you can truly manage the distribution of critical supplies and costly assets. Not only that, but your teams spend less time on tasks that don't matter (like procuring supplies and cutting POs) and more time on tasks that help grow your bottom line.

Happy Employees

Keep track of your expenses easily

Now you can track your internal vending solution anytime, anywhere. Easily monitor inventory,access usage reports and get up to speed on the go through our mobile app.

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Calculate your Potential Supply Savings

Curious to know how much you could save by implementing one of IVM's smart vending solutions? Our savings calculator will help you determine potential supply savings. Simply input the unit cost and monthly usage of any supply item.

IVM Supply Calculator

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