PPE Vending

Looking to control expenses related to use of personal protective equipment (PPE)? The installation of IVM’s PPE vending machines controls access and reduces waste and abuse. With 50 years of experience in distribution via vending machines IVM is a leader in the vending of personal protection equipment, safety equipment, and supply distribution across a variety of industries.

IVM management of your PPE vending assures:
  • Each vending company servicing your locations is under a standard contract
  • Each vendor carries regulatory insurance coverage and is in compliance with safety guidelines
  • Quality control with onsite visits by IVM representatives
  • Detailed usage reports allowing for accurate budgets to be established
  • Nationwide technical support
  • Product supply programs – IVM’s nationwide network of professional technicians will stock and service your PPE vending machines

IVM’s PPE , safety equipment, IT equipment and supply distribution system is customized to each client’s specific supply and equipment needs based on continually updated vend records. The PPE vending system includes IVM’s access control system utilizing your existing employee ID cards or personal identification numbers to track usage.  You know who, what, when and most importantly, how much is used resulting in reduction of overuse and abuse of supplies.

Additional Information

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Vending gives companies and their managers a means of providing staff with safety equipment needed to perform job functions while placing some controls around safety equipment cost. PPE is an essential requirement for many companies as it serves to provide staff with safety equipment to reduce the risk of occupational injury or harm. Depending on the type of work and number of employees involved, the issuing and monitoring of protective equipment can become a complicated area to control, sometimes allowing costs to escalate unnecessarily. However, failure to provide adequate PPE presents a potential physical risk to employees, sometimes life threatening, and it could lead to serious legal and financial consequences if a prosecution relating to alleged negligence results. Therefore, PPE Vending controls supply costs, increases employee productivity and mitigates risk for the employer and maintains safety compliance.