MRO Vending

Some of the most costly items for companies are those items used in relation to their Maintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO Vending) needs. These items, while costly, must still be available at all times to the various employees that need them in order to allow the smooth and efficient operation of the company as a whole. If an assembly line goes down the MRO crew needs to have instant access to the tools and supplies they need to get that line back into production!

Power-Saw-PicThe equipment provided by IVM allows for the controlled distribution of these vital supplies while allowing 24/7/365 access.

  • Helix-coil supply machines allow for the active control of many MRO items.
  • Variable-size Locker systems allow for the distribution of larger items but also allows tremendous flexibility to change items being distributed by simply swapping out one locker compartment size for another right on-site.
  • Items may be returned so that supervisors know MRO supplies are not being left in the wrong place.
  • Automated messages can be sent to supervisors notifying them of tools that have not been returned.
  • Damaged items that are returned can be designated as broken upon return and locked from future use until a supervisor can inspect/repair/replace the item.
  • Power charging ports available in locker compartments.

All IVM systems are highly customized to the needs of each client, each department, and each employee. IVM will provide integration with our data control systems and the inventory systems of our clients. Employees may use existing employee ID badges in most cases. IVM does not require the involvement of client computer networks since our standard installation comes with cellular connectivity. 100% warranty on all parts and labor for normal wear and tear for as long as you have our equipment.

Sit back and allow IVM to deliver that turn-key distribution and control system you have been searching for all these years!