EMS Supply Vending

IVM is proud to offer top-quality vending machines that serve a variety of different verticals, EMS services included. Vending machines in the modern era go beyond simple beverages and snacks; our advanced vending machines make acquiring vital medical equipment quick and easy for EMS staff. This supply system makes dispensing necessary equipment far quicker and easier than traditional means and can replace more complex supply order and tracking processes. The end result is more productive workplace overall. IVM vending machines can be used to dispense the following:

•   Defibrillator pads

•   Combitube kits

•   IV Catheters

•   Boxes of exam gloves

•   Medications

•   Paramedic & EMT bags

•   Oxygen tanks

•   Monitors

•   Other medical supplies and equipment

The amount of time saved by using a vending machine to track and move these supplies is notable. There are a number of security precautions on IVM vending machines that prevent the misuse of items: an identification badge is required for employees to access necessary items, and additional truck numbers and security codes makes it easy to track products automatically.

Vending machines solve a common problem for many EMS workers. Often, supplies are needed right away and there isn’t time for complex item tracking. This can lead to disorganized records, requiring deep departmental audits to correct. Vending machines allow staff to access the items they need quickly, and the machine itself takes care of tracking inventory. There’s no need to waste the time and energy of administrative employees to keep everything on track.

Ultimately, vending machines for EMS staff end up saving on costs as well. Since the machine takes care of all tracking, no one is charged with the task of record keeping. Staff members don’t have to interrupt each other in order to get necessary items and keep records straight. Additionally, there doesn’t have to be an “office supply guard” to keep items under lock and key and retrieve them when required. In the case of oxygen tanks, our vending machines are able to mark certain units as “empty” or “non-functional.” This ensures staff members access properly functioning equipment every time.

Replenishing stock is also more automated and quicker with an IVM vending machine. This eliminates the risk of running out of essential items and having none on hand for an emergency. The machine keeps track of inventory, and will let the purchasing coordinator know when certain supplies are critically low. Decisions can be made quickly, easily, and 24/7 when it comes to purchasing, since our reporting features are always on the clock.

IVM offers a variety of different vending solutions for almost any company. Facebook, Logitech and other nationally recognized companies have commissioned us for our ability to deliver solid automated inventory solutions with vending machines. If you can come up with a vending idea, we can come up with a unique vending solution. Contact IVM today to learn more about how we can make your EMS operations much easier, faster, and safer with a vending machine.