Automated Supply Vending

Supply Vending LockersImagine the cost savings your company could actually realize when you can truly control the distribution of critical supplies and costly assets? That’s the power of Automated Supply Vending from IVM.

Through our interactive vending systems, we help our clients realize savings of up to 50% almost overnight in distribution of PPE supplies, MRO supplies, IT products, and even office supplies.

Our distribution units utilize cellular connectivity. This allows us to monitor the distribution of your products without requiring intrusion into your networks. IVM provides on-site training and on-site service and maintenance as needed.

Our approach is comprehensive and turn-key – focused on saving your company time and money.

  • IVM offers automated solutions to assist you in controlling your internal distribution of products to your employees for items such as PPE Products, MRO Products, IT Products, Office Supplies, etc.
  • Our automated supply vending distribution systems will also help you maintain safety compliance while changing the behavioral habits of your employees.
  • Our Automated Supply Distribution solutions are truly turn-key with complete project management.
  • IVM provides on-site training for you and your employees.
  • IVM offers a 100% warranty for as long as you have our equipment in place.
  • IVM provides on-site service and repair as needed.
  • IVM provides cellular connectivity eliminating the involvement of your IT infrastructure and staff.

Our access control system utilizes your existing employee ID cards or personal identification numbers to track equipment distribution and use. You know who, what, when and most importantly, how much is used. IVM automated distribution systems deliver proven savings by tracking and controlling supplies no matter what you need to distribute and control; personal protection equipment (PPE), information technology (IT) supplies, office supplies, tools, maintenance, repair, and operations supplies (MRO), IVM can cut your supply costs almost instantly..

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