Meet IVM

IVM, Inc. began in 1991 as a company dedicated to maximizing their clients’ income and handling their distribution through high level technology. Throughout the years, IVM has grown and succeeded by staying true to that original goal. IVM now handles all supply vending responsibilities for our customers throughout the United States and internationally. Our growth, in large part, is due to our work with clients in all major industries. IVM has been helping companies for more than 20 years to simplify their supply chain and manage employee product use, which in turn increases profits and eliminates legal hassles. These clients come from all industries, including healthcare, production, transportation, sales, education, and hospitality. Our proprietary, advanced technologies yield higher efficiency and profits for our clients, allowing us to bring each of these industries into the future. Our automated supply distribution services have seen remarkable growth over the past several years. Supply Vending, or automated distribution, is devoted to helping our clients to more efficiently provide their employees with the supplies those employees need in order to perform their jobs efficiently and safely. This allows all work to proceed more effectively and enables companies to monitor the cost and use of those supplies. 2014. IVM Inc. Renovated Corporate Headquarters

IVM completely renovated the interior and exterior of their headquarters providing IVM employees with an entirely new environment in which to work.

IVM underwent major internal technological improvements, implementing a new internal client service and equipment monitoring system.

IVM extended several successful partnerships, including those with Union Pacific Railroad and BNSF Railroad. IVM has been working with each of these companies for many years, and will continue to meet and exceed all of their supply vending needs.

2011-2013. Formed Partnerships with Several International Corporations

IVM became global partners with, Hewlett-Packard, Facebook, and Logitech during this time period.

2012. IVM Developed Specialized IT Supply Equipment and won the Techpoint Mira Award for Innovation of the Year

In 2012, IVM’s vending and distribution technology earned it the Techpoint Mira Award for Innovation of the Year.

2010. Achieved Complete Tool Crib/Supply Distribution

IVM once again simplified distribution and vending systems for their clients in 2010 with a new, all-inclusive system. Clients are able to control all products distributed through their supply rooms, vending machines, tool cribs, and lockers through the same reporting system, allowing for a comprehensive knowledge of their distributed items.

2008. Established Redundant Server Security & Employed Network-Free Cellular Transmission

In 2008, IVM set up a redundant server farm co-location that is staffed 24/7/365 by fully trained technicians. This ensures that if the company’s main facilities are catastrophically damaged, our client’s needs will still be met.

IVM introduced the widespread use of cellular communications, allowing IVM to no longer rely upon client networks and client IT departments.

2006. Developed Innovative Two-Way Locker System

By both distributing and tracking clients’ products and allowing returns, the new system enables clients to control re-useable items instead of only tracking consumables.

2005. Debuted First “Real-Time Technology” System

In 2005, the use of our Ethernet technology system gives clients real-time data on supply distribution.

2003. Achieved Rapid Telephonic Download Capability & Launched Supply Vending Online Reporting System

IVM made it possible to rapidly download data through telephonic download capability, a technological advancement which quickly replaced the old method of downloading data directly from vending equipment. We also implemented the first online reporting system for our supply vending clients.

2000. Adapted Server-Based Network & Implementing Proprietary Databases & Applications

In 2000, IVM made the switch to a server based network, allowing for greater possibilities in information management technology. We can monitor our customers’ vending program information through proprietary internal databases, increasing the system’s effectiveness.

1993. Developed Supply Vending Concept

We converted normal vending machines to provide PPE products and other items which our clients’ employees needed to be able to perform their jobs. Data was collected and stored in card readers, which were replaced and shipped to us on a regular basis to download and analyze the stored information.