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IVM has invested in vending machine management processes and software technology that will manage your snack and beverage vending contracts across multiple locations assuring best prices and profit margins. IVM can reduce expenses with supply distribution vending by controlling access to your supplies, tools, and personal protective equipment (PPE) inventory. Any supplier can equip you with a vending machine, but only IVM technology delivers the power of automated distribution: reduced supply costs, controlled product usage and reduced legal exposure.

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Supply Vending and Distribution

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Vending gives companies and their managers a means of providing staff with safety equipment needed to perform job functions while placing some controls around safety equipment cost. PPE is an essential requirement for many companies as it serves to provide staff with safety equipment to reduce the risk of occupational injury or harm. Depending on the type of work and number of employees involved, the issuing and monitoring of protective equipment can become a complicated area to control, sometimes allowing costs to escalate unnecessarily. However, failure to provide adequate PPE presents a potential physical risk to employees, sometimes life threatening, and it could lead to serious legal and financial consequences if a prosecution relating to alleged negligence results. Therefore, PPE Vending controls supply costs, increases employee productivity and mitigates risk for the employer and maintains safety compliance.

IT Peripherals Vending enables IT companies to provide employees with a replacement keyboard, mouse, headset, laptop batteries, ethernet cables or any other piece of technical gear with a simple scan of their ID badge. The vending machines help to improve efficiency, cost savings and employee satisfaction by removing the need to fill out requisition forms and wait for the IT department to order the peripherals needed. This innovative distribution method lessens productivity interruptions and enables employees to obtain the work tools they need quickly and easily. IT Peripherals vending also reduces the time to item replenishment and minimizes out of stock situations. The solution replaces traditional supervised supply stations, which can be expensive due to staffing needs and inventory carrying costs, such as stocking hundreds of laptop power supplies.

Computer Vending is a way for companies to give employees or consumers access to the tools they need such as laptops or tablets without adding to the companies operating hours. Many employees work flexible schedules or around the clock and often need tools outside of traditional business hours. The computer vending machines address this need and they work like DVD lending dispensers at grocery stores. Once an employee’s identity is authenticated then the vending machine dispenses the computer. This method of distribution is becoming more and more popular among IT departments and higher education institutions due to the convenience and cost savings that result.

The concept of using a standard vending machine, or other like equipment, to manage how products are accessed by each individual employee in an industrial setting. As opposed to a standard tool crib or storage closet, an industrial vending machine allows management to keep track of all inventories that pass through the vending machine. The industrial vending machine is a tool to increase accountability among employees, as well as, give a convenient solution for product distribution. The concept is very similar to a standard vending program, but instead of purchasing snacks or drinks, you are accessing products required for your job in an industrial setting. As opposed to a retail model, the process is geared toward holding employees accountable for every product that they use in their everyday job. The brains behind an industrial vending program are located in the reporting function. Purchasing directors and procurement specialists can, at the touch of the mouse, generate reports based on the information they would like to see from that vending tool. Again, an industrial vending machine is just one more measure to keep the employees in a plant accountable and using only the products that are necessary for their particular job.

Supply distribution is the process by which companies’ employees’ access critical parts and supplies to allow them to continue their work with minimal disruption. This could be by checking in/checking out products from a tool crib attendant. This could be an all access storage closet where employees can reach in and grab whatever products they need. This could be a more controlled tool, a vending machine, where each employee is tied directly to the product that they take. There are several different methods of supply distribution across several different industries. Whether an employee is checking out a pair of gloves or a keyboard, the idea behind supply distribution is the same; identify where, when, and who, your inventory is going to on an everyday basis. In today’s environment, purchasing departments are always looking to improve the process by which their product is dispersed. The ability to track employees’ usage patterns can become a critical component to saving money and reducing waste.

The term vending management can be taken a few different ways. For the purposes of our industry, vending management is the concept of not only tracking every dollar and cent spent in a coke or snack vending machine, but also allowing the client to see that information and at the same time, be completely hands off from the process. Like industrial vending, the brains behind the operation are in the reporting function. The client will be given all of the key information coming off of the snack and coke machine. Vending management can also centralize a process across multiple locations and again free up time for personnel to work in more important capacities. Vending management could also be taken as a concept referring to how a supply vending program is managed at each customer location. Whether it involves refill services, the repair and maintenance, repackaging of products, etc…, that all has to do with how each vending program is managed. How vending programs are managed is critical to the success or failure of a supply vending program and the overall satisfaction level of the end user.